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  • Q1 2024

  • Q4 2023

  • Quantum Change ($)

  • Percentage Change (%)


Revenue Including Other Income

Marketplace Fees

  • $578,946

  • $427,736

  • $151,210

  • 35.35%

In-Game Revenue

  • $370,274

  • $293,555

  • $76,719

  • 26.13%

Total Revenue

  • $949,220

  • $721,291

  • $227,929

  • 31.60%

Airdrops Received

  • $10,677,374

  • $7,578,951

  • $3,089,423

  • 40.88%

Total Revenue including other income

  • $11,626,594

  • $8,300,242

  • $3,326,352

  • 40.08%

Cost Of Sales

Incentive Program

Mining Emissions

  • $122,485

  • $94,897

  • $27,588

  • 29.07%

Liquidity Incentives

  • $1,723,469

  • $1,688,250

  • $35,219

  • 2.09%

Total Cost Of Sales

  • $1,845,954

  • $1,783,147

  • $62,807

  • 3.53%

Gross Profit

  • $9,780,640

  • $6,517,095

  • $3,263,545

  • 50.08%

Combine on and off-chain asset data into a Balance Sheet for a comprehensive view of your financial status

Secure your future with advanced Forecasting and Budgeting to manage spending for long-term sustainability and efficiency

Keep an eye on cash flow in real time and conduct scenario testing to prevent potential cash flow crises

Cash Received
Cash Spent
  • $0K

  • $5K

  • $10K

  • $15K

  • $20K

  • $25K

  • $30K

  • $35K

    ADD Revenue

    $ 39,682

    LESS Cost Of Sales

    LESS Expeness


    ADD Other Income


    LESS Cash Tax Praid


    ADD Change in Accounts Payable


    ADD Change in Other Current Liabilites

    $ 6,438

    LESS Change in Accounts Receivable


    LESS Change in Inventory

    LESS Change in Work in Progress


    LESS Change in Other Current Assets

    $ 10,492

Monitor essential metrics and understand your KPIs to help ensure your growth engine never falters

Leave Excel behind and employ our advanced runway and breakeven modelling to secure your business's sustainability and longevity


Build investor confidence through transparent, credible, and professional investor-ready reports.


$ 148,289

-49.5% from last quarter

In-game revenue received for the quarter compared to Q1. As stated before reduction is due to asset price impact and volume.


$ 124,455

-70.9% from last quarter

This figure represents royalties and Marketplace Fees received in relation to the trade on the gaming marketplace.


$ 11,677,337

+45% from last quarter

Figure representing total income generated from all revenue streams including the airdrop received from Arbitrium.

Rev Market

In-Game Revenue

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